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I am regularly boiling water for making the drinking water at my Home or Office. YES …We came to Understand, we are missing more minerals regularly ……………… The boiled water is not Full Health supported !!!!!
Only Boiled Water is Healthy for Us?
Boiling drinking water with fuel is the oldest and most commonly practiced household water treatment method. According to WHO, water needs to be heated until the appearance of the first big bubbles to ensure that it is pathogen free. Many organizations recommend boiling both for water treatment in developing countries and to provide safe drinking water in most emergency situations throughout the world - though it is quite laborious, boring, Unhygienic pots ( like Aluminum of boiling in the 3rd World countries) and uses a lot of energy. Boiling only kills pathogens and does not remove turbidity or chemical pollution (e.g. arsenic) from drinking water. Besides It adds more Lead, Carbon, Mercury, Nitrites, & Minimize the Oxygen from Boiled water. So prior to boiling, water can be purified by settling or filtration method by Reverse Osmosis or Ultra violet System
Boiling is oldest and most effective household drinking water treatment. It is promoted in both developing countries where water is routinely of uncertain microbial quality and in developed countries when conventional water treatment fails or water supplies are interrupted as a result of disasters or other emergencies. 21.2% of the population in South-east Asia report boiling their water before drinking it (ROSA & CLASEN, Unpublished data, 2008).
Despite its effectiveness and simplicity, boiling has the disadvantage to require affordable and sufficient fuel to have properly boiled water for a regular drinking purpose, and is quite labour intensive.
If the boiling point is reached, boiling is effective in killing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, helminthes and most pathogens from drinking water. Incomplete inactivation of pathogens in boiled water is attributed to users not heating the water to the boiling point and/or recontamination of boiled water in storage. Boiling does not remove turbidity, chemicals (e.g. arsenic), taste, smell or colour from water. Therefore, settling or even filtration (by cloth or slow sand or biosand filter) is often needed prior to boiling.
Chemical pollution such as arsenic is not removed by boiling. Also water with high amounts iron (with reddish colour), calcium or chlorine is not suitable for boiling. White scales may deposit in container bottom after boiling if calcium is high in waters. In such case, the container should be washed properly after every use. Boiled water tastes flat and people may not like that. Thus, boiled water can be chilled in freezer or cooled down to room temperature to have good taste. Boiling is suitable where enough fuel sources (e.g. wood, kerosene, electricity, gas, charcoal etc.) are locally available all the time in affordable cost. Especially in densely populated areas, boiling with fuel wood is not appropriate to the overexploitation of the wood resources and the subsequent environmental damage such as desertification and soil erosion. Boiled water may cause burn injuries if not handled properly. Long term exposure in fire or stove smoke of the person boiling the water may cause associated respiratory diseases. For this indoor cooking space should be made well ventilated.
  • Effectively kills most pathogens, not All
  • Easy, simple and widely accepted method of disinfection (particularly in tea-consuming cultures)
  • Biogas cooking stoves can be used for the cooking stove (e.g. biogas linked toilet)
  • Can be costly due to fuel consumptions regularly
  • Use of traditional fuel (firewood, kerosene/gas) contributes to deforestation and indoor air pollution.
  • Potential user taste objections.
  • Risk of injuries (especially when children are around)
  • Does not remove turbidity, chemicals, Arsenic, taste, smell, colour
  • Time consuming.
  • Water needs to cool down before use unless for hot drinks.
  • Loss of essential water minerals for human health of all ages due to regular boiling round the year.

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