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D R I N K   P U R E   F E E L   F R E S H….

Say good-bye to...

Regular Water Boiling………. Costly bottled water, heavy water lugging.

Get unlimited...

Ultra fresh, delicious drinking water right at home for drinking, cooking, ice & coffee making, baby-formula, pet feeding, beauty washing, dietary/medical uses, and precious plants watering.



Tremendous savings...

Bottled/delivered water at Home or Office = @Taka. 40/- for 20 Liters Jar If you use 2 Jars per day, you can save taka 13,700 per year! (e.g. Tk 40*730 days/year).

Very affordable...

Factory-direct water filter prices at 50% less than retail prices. Live healthier... With reverse osmosis ultra-clean, ultra-safe water —up to 99% free of unwanted substances commonly found in tap and well water. Most recommendations by doctors, dietitians, and happy RO users.

So easy...

To install and use. Fits under the sink with no special plumbing. Easy filter change, maintenance-free

Reverse Osmosis = Peace of Mind...

Get great tasting, ultra safe water right at your fingertip trouble free for the next 10+ years with the Ultra Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter Systems.
Home Water Treatment
Residential Drinking Water Systems
Commercial Drinking Water System for Business
Water Softeners, Iron Removal and Water Filters that treat the water for the whole house at the point of entry (from the point where the water comes into your house and before it goes off to your faucets and appliances) by installing at the roof top of your Building
There’s no more need to waste time and money buying your water in bottles when you can have pure drinking water on tap right at your kitchen sink.  Our APEC WATER Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water systems, removes Virus Bacteria, Germs, You will get Hassel free a new Life ! Great tasting water -free from chemicals- is on tap for you and your family to enjoy! are an advanced system that removes all dust, rust, Heavy metals, Particles, viruses
APEC Water offers custom-designed brand for commercial water softeners and treatment systems.  We work with the best engineers in the water treatment industry to meet your specific water treatment needs with an automatic, efficient, and low-maintenance industrial water softener or treatment system.


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